A different kind of company - A different type of Flight


Consultancy in Safety, Regulation and Operations you can trust. 

A different kind of company - A different type of Flight

Corvus offers bespoke support for establishing enduring UAS (Un-crewed Air System) operations. This support leverages the collective operational experience of the team gained in both military and civilian operations.

The lessons learnt from real-life deployments allow Corvus to deliver a cost-efficient solution, advising and interpreting the customer's needs. 

Our USP: Our experience in delivering real-world services, Our track record in successful engagements with regulators, and practical real-world solutions which expedite efficiency.

We don’t cut corners on safety and regulations. We do the hard work so you don’t have to.

We will help you establish a firm stable platform to work from, then assist further down the line as things change.

Changes can come in many forms

  • Technology
    • Payloads
    • Sensors
    • Communications
  • Regulatory environment

As these factors change it’s important to assess the impact of those changes without disrupting current operations. Having spent the time and money to obtain permissions and establish operations it’s important to not compromise the effectiveness of these day-to-day operations by making changes.

Corvus can bridge the gap between the platform supplier and operations, managing the risk while establishing new Standard Operating Procedures. Corvus offers an independent voice, providing authoritative feedback to the platform supply chain] on the performance gaps that need to be closed and procedures that need to be updated. Once Corvus has de-risked the operations they can be fixed and scaled up with confidence.

What we do

There is no room for a “cookie-cutter service” in an emerging market. By utilizing an experienced team, Corvus tailor its service and adapt its approach to allow you to minimize the cost and risk of UAS operations

The aspects of operations covered include (But are not limited to):



Design of operational concept and target use case


Assessment of target platforms, operational models and staff selection


Demo of platforms in UK airspace (hardware and software)


 Customisation of platforms to meet desired use cases


Establishing Operations: Obtaining permissions, generating safety cases, writing operations manuals, performing logistics 

Running Operations: Assisting with crewing (selection, training, rotation, competency, currency), Operations management

Reviewing Operations: Continuous improvement,  Identifying performance enhancements, pre-inspection audits, capability upgrades.

Operational Evolution

Payloads, platforms, permissions, people. Developing your operations to fulfil your needs without unnecessary disruption to product delivery.


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